New York Photo Trip

This past weekend, the PhotoPlus Expo was held in New York, NY. Many of the people from the photo department at my school attended, and we had a great time. Besides the expo, though, we wanted to explore New York. There weren’t really a whole lot of rules, so we just got together with our favorite people and had some fun. Being a fan of trains, many of my images were taken in and around the subways. I tried this time, however, to incorporate the human element of railroading. After all, that’s what the subways are for.



Returning to my Hobby

For a long time, I’ve enjoyed hanging around the railroad tracks just watching trains go by. I grew up doing it, and it kind of just stuck with me. I knew that I had nothing important to do today, so I decided to use my free time to get back to what I love. The light this morning was lovely, and I returned to a location that I used to really enjoy, but hadn’t been to in quite some time. While standing around waiting, I met a nice old man who lived nearby. I had my scanner turned on to listen to the train crews talk, and the man I met said he remembered listening to airplane communications years ago. I caught five trains in the couple of hours that I was trackside, and this is my favorite shot from the set:



Norfolk Southern train 128 passes Southern Film Extruders, Inc. just moments before meeting train 218 on its way north through High Point, North Carolina on October 18, 2013.

Stop Motion Silliness

In my Digital Imaging class, we recently learned how to take a series of photos into Photoshop and turn them into a video. The technique we really looked at is known as stop-motion, and it involves taking a series of pictures as a subject moves slowly. The end result is a video that looks rather choppy, but not in a bad way. The choppiness is actually sort of what gives it character. I saw this as a good excuse to play with Legos.

A Day at the Track

For at least seven years, I’ve been attending races at VIRginia International Raceway, a 3.27-mile road course that winds through the rolling hills of southern Virginia. This past weekend, the American Le Mans Series was on track, and I was lucky enough to get in for free. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures at the races, but this time was particularly fun because I have been to photography school and I know what I’m doing. I got many shots, and here is one of my favorites.


JDX Racing car number 11 leads Paul Miller Racing car number 48 through turn four during a practice session at Virginia International Raceway on October 4, 2013.