Sunrise Panorama

With all of these assignments, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine and not remember to have any fun. I woke up particularly early the other morning, and I could have been unhappy about it, but I decided to, instead, just go shoot photos for fun. I went to one of my favorite spots to just hang out – Faith Rock Park in Franklinville, NC. I really couldn’t have asked for a prettier sky, and the surrounding scenery was just icing on the cake. I shot this panoramic image at around 7:10 in the morning.



Intense Portrait Composite

As we’ve been progressing through this semester, we have been doing a lot of work on compositing different images together. Many assignments have been for lab days, but there are a couple of major assignments, also. The first of these requires that we place a person on a background. There was no specific way that we were to light the scene, so I chose to go for a high-contrast intense look. The background was shot as four frames, and put together as an HDR. As for the person, I photographed my friend Tyler using a large umbrella with a speedlight in front of him. I had a pair of AlienBees on either side of him adding the rim light, which helped with separation and contrast. This was the result:


I Want Candy!

As I’ve mentioned previously, my commercial class requires that we shoot “self-promo” assignments. These can be whatever we want, as long as the idea is approved by the instructor. I was having a bit of trouble thinking of what to do, though, so I asked one of my awesome friends for ideas. My friends’ response was simply “candy,” and I thought that sounded great. I realized then that I had been thinking too specifically; I had been trying to think of actual brand names, and that’s why I was having trouble. Anyway, I had fun choosing, arranging, and photographing this, and then I got to eat it!


Creating Video in Photoshop

This week, we learned about creating video clips using Photoshop. It is rather useful when putting together videos that are recorded using a stop-motion or time-lapse technique. In our lab, we were required to create a stop-motion video, and I liked mine pretty well, but I then decided that I would make a time-lapse video just for fun. This is a video of my morning commute to school. I used a GoPro HD Hero shooting one frame every two seconds.

Interior Composite

A thing we are discussing heavily in my digital imaging class is how to do composite images. We are learning about several different applications where creating a composite image is useful, and one of the major ones is in balancing two light sources – an interior with windows, to be exact. The problem here is that the interior you are photographing will often be a couple of stops darker than the scene seen through the window. To get both properly exposed, two images are captured without moving the camera, only changing shutter speed or ISO. The final result, after some selecting and masking in Photoshop, is a single image that appears properly exposed both outside and inside.


A Bit of Fun

For a while, I’ve been allowed to use most of the lenses at school. The few that I wasn’t were the tilt/shift lenses. The other day, however, our instructor showed us how to use them. I immediately checked one out and went out to see what kind of fun I could have with it. Tilt/shift lenses are special because they employ movements similar to that of a view camera, albeit not as extreme. These lenses can often be found being used by photographers to create a “miniature” look on everyday scenes. They are also used frequently in the photography of architecture, as they have the ability to accurately portray the straight lines of a building. Therefore, I knew where I had to go as soon as I checked out the lens. I went to my church, and set up a tripod in the sanctuary. This is what I came up with:


Interior Practice

As I’ve been going through school, I’ve narrowed down the things that I particularly like to shoot. Something I enjoy a lot is architecture, though I haven’t really photographed it much. We haven’t discussed it that much at school, either. For a while, I had been waiting for someone to help me, but I finally decided to just see what I could do. I went to a model home at a housing development, and asked the person working in the office if I may bring in my equipment and shoot, and I found that I was a lot more comfortable with taking the photos than I had imagined myself being. I am sure there is still much to be learned, but I realized that I know a lot more about photography than I thought. Below are my two favorite rooms that I shot in the house.

sunroom bedroom